Water storage system (Designed for Packaging)

Dutch Business Partners(DBP) and Meilink successfully supported the development of custom packaging for Water Systems Manufacturer, a Dutch company.

Chain Solution Design

Packing at Meilink Borculo  

In the past, while he was working for Stork, Toon Laurensse already worked together with Meilink and had good experiences: "The links have always been strong and it was obvious for DBP to collaborate with Meilink again.”
Initially, it took a long time to get on the same page, but together we designed a logistic solution that focused on maximising standardisation, e.g. we drastically reduced the different dimensions of the water tanks. During our common design sessions, other changes suggested by Meilink were made to the design of the tanks, minimizing logistic risks and problems on the packaging side but lso for for the end user. Everything is designed is such a way that the all different sizes of water storage tanks fit snugly in one Meilink box and can survive the trip to all parts of the world. That is the unique distinction. For example, in Europe all companies use forklifts but that is not always the case elsewhere in the world. So we designed with Meilink a package that can also be hoisted with a crane. The design and dimensions of the box allow you to get on site with a pickup truck, anywhere in the world: in the field, in the mountains and jungles.

Tank site Mehsana Gujarat

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