DBP´s Business and Strategic Consulting services span four areas which can be realised individually or collectively depending on what you (clients) want.

India is a new market for European companies or start-ups and DBP holds expertise with its over decade presence in India. For new entrants, DBP believes that a thorough Market Scan must be conducted to assess the feasibility of your product. If the feasibility study reveals an opportunity, then DBP suggest setting up your own entity in the form of a Private Limited Company, a Limited Liability Partnership, or even a Joint Venture in India as thought suitable. As DBP is well versed in Company Formation, you can be rest assured that setting up your company will be a hassle-free process. Besides setting up, DBP also understands that as a new entrant, you are most likely to have limitations on the financial front and hence offers its Business Support services in terms of providing office infrastructure and will also look after the administrative needs of your newly formed company at a minimal cost.

For companies that require direction after set-up or for already established companies which are facing issues, DBP also helps in structuring, organising, re-alignment and Change Management initiatives.

As we live by our motto of being ¨Partner in Successful Business¨, we are along with you right from the beginning and ensure that you benefit through our expertise and wide network.

Market Research

When considering to set up a new venture or expand in a new geography, it is essential to understand the market dynamics before strategising a market entry plan without encountering pitfalls. Dutch Business Partner´s market research services can assist you during this phase and enrich you with a first-hand independent view on the feasibility of your business idea or product(s) so that you are in a better position to make informed decisions.

Some of the aspects we delve into in market research include:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Market sizing and segmentation
  • Market drivers and challenges
  • Trend analysis
  • Supplier, partners and vendor landscape
  • Competitive landscape
  • Sector and industry analysis
  • Socio-cultural impact
  • Government policies
  • Business and legal framework

Business Formation Consulting

Once you decide to set up a company in India, DBP can help in formation of your company and fulfilling the legal formalities through our associated partners. During the process, DBP advises you on the best strategies to implement, thereby being a part of your formation phase.

We also advise you on the operations of your business right from staffing and structuring to financial planning, directing and coordination of the day to day activities.

We can thus be your partner for doing business in India fruitfully. We take care of the multi-layered demands of running a business such as:

  • Set up a legal business entity
  • Fulfil business formalities
  • Represent your company
  • Locate company/factory premises
  • Support for activities such as sub-contracting, outsourcing, export-import, accounting, and daily administration.

Business Set Up Support

consulting3Entering new geographical markets is a challenging task, especially, if you have no knowledge or experience in the market. If you are an entrepreneur, a start-up or a mobile professional, it is all the more daunting to own infrastructure and resources in a new country, as this means having a long term commitment, higher capital cost and higher risk.

DBP, with its years of presence and experience in India can support you and your business, freeing up your time so that you can optimise your productivity.

We provide support in recruitment, administration, deploy infrastructure management, communication and office management. For clients from the engineering field we also provide technical translation and design services.

Change Management Consulting

In a constantly evolving business and economic environment, organisations that resist change find it difficult to survive in a globalised world where competition is inescapable. When your organisation´s expected business outcome is not in line with the desired goals and objectives, your mission seems uncertain. While you may have considered taking or have already taken corrective measures, the efforts sometimes do not yield results and create more uncertainty, ultimately resulting in losses or closure of business. Although this is not a welcome situation to be in, a prudent measure that you can consider is to involve an independent consultant like DBP to drive change management initiatives. An outsider is better positioned to pin point your problem which you may not have realised and suggest corrective actions that can overturn the poor performance of your business.


International Trade Support Services

international businessDBP provides trade support services for import and export of goods between India and European countries. With over a decade of experience in India and also a prominent business presence in the Netherlands, we have developed a strong network of business associates spanning different sectors in both the countries.

If you are hesitant about trading or are uncertain about the trade procedures between the two regions, or simply want to outsource this activity, you can avail our international trade support services.

Europe-Entry Advisory Services

consulting2Just like it does for European ventures, Dutch Business Partners (DBP) extends its consulting services to Indian entrepreneurs and businesses who intend to do business with countries in Europe. DBP provides support in the initial phases by providing practical advise so that you can smoothy venture into a new market.

Through its years of expertise, DBP can guide you in understanding the European market, clarify your doubts, provide knowledge on the various requirements for expanding your business venture, help in understanding the cultural differences, facilitate import and export activities, provide communication support, and so forth.

DBP can also act as a representative office for its clients who want to mark an association with the European market, but without wanting to hold a full-fledged office in Europe.