If the wind turns….

It's sometimes better to be led away in a new direction!

Use the wind's energy and maneuver where necessary.

As we're all aware, wind can literally be used as a source of energy. For generating sustainable energy per example.

But a different kind of wind which revolves around your organization in various forms, can also be used as a source of energy.

Are you looking for these new source(s) of energy?

DBP ows a Multifact Business Aanalysis tool that helps you to detect this wind.
This Analysis tool is for entrepreneurs who want to focus on:

• Finding out where you are now: map reading
• See where you can go to: change course!
• Improve operational management on board

riding the winds

This Multifact Business Analysis is based on the principle of gap analysis - meaning the difference between where you want to go and where you and your company are now. The analysis is not focused on where you should be, only where you think you are and where you really are.

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