How well do companies perform on a scale of zero to ten?

Our experience as Dutch Business Partners (DBP) is that management, departments, and employees tend to overestimate their efforts and output.

If you ask them, they often give themselves an eight. How sure are you that this is also the experience of your suppliers and customers?

how well do companies perform dbpWhy is that?
The frame of reference of management boards, departments and employees is often limited and strongly internally oriented, less from the perspective of customers and suppliers. Our experience is, when you weigh the actual customer and supplier experiences independently, objectively and compare these with other industries, you often don't get higher than a three.

Confrontation (wake-up call)
When management, departments and employees are confronted with this, it often starts with a denial and when you ask them what their frame of reference is, it becomes silent!

Good news with a low score!
This means that there is still a lot of potential for improvement and it's relatively easy to accomplish. Think on effectiveness, efficiency of your organization and customer satisfaction.

Ask for help
To be able to assess independently and objectively the level of an organization, this is best mapped out by an experienced external consultant with knowledge of the market. He can interview departments, suppliers, and customers objectively and ask more relevant questions based on his knowledge and experience.

Tips from DBP:
• Be also open to insights and criticism from outside your own organization.
• Work on broader frames of reference and external sparring partners.
• Visiting best in class and sparring with customers provides new ideas and insights.

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