CAD Workshop in India

After the succesful completion of the Workshop in the Netherlands, the Dutch Business Partners Team conducted a workshop in India together with Indian CAD Engineers.

It allowed the Dutch Engineers to get a better understanding of their Indian counterparts, their work methods and culture, strengthening the working relation between both parties. 

Technovatium 2011 "Open up your mind" - Evoluon (Eindhoven)

The Knowledge Circle Brabant Limburg organised a unique symposium on core business on May 16th 2011: working together and knowledge sharing in technological enterprises. Dutch Business Partners presented the possibilties of working with Exploded Views (three dimensional representations of part assemblies).

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Doing Business in India

On November 30th, 2010, the Rabobank Venray in association with Dutch Business Partners organised a Seminar for twenty companies. The Seminar focused on informing the participants and creating awareness and enthusiasm on internationalization of business. The topics discussed also featured the opportunities in India and stimulation of active company policies to the growing markets outside Europe.

An impression of the evening (pdf).

Training Workshop for Indian CAD Engineers

Dutch Business Partners organized a Training Workshop for Indian CAD Engineers in the Netherlands. The focus of this first workshop was to allow the Indian participants to learn from experienced Dutch engineers in order to help them understand better the work culture and the way of designing in the Netherlands.

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Outsourcing Technical Parts

Frans Faber owner of Fabers Advisors & Investors and member of Dutch Company Doctors.

The Dutch Manufacturing industry barely stands a chance to survive, according to specialists. But according to Dutch Business Partners this is not true. There are more than enough opportunities and possiblities but you need to make very clear choices.

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Successful network meeting of Dutch Company Doctors and invitees

The Company doctors and their guests were very happy with the content of the programme and the introductory "speed-date" conducted in small groups. In the fresh perspective workshop, led by the Creative Facilitators, the participants discovered hidden creative talents. They also received concrete tools to look at their own organizations with a new and creative eye.

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