Our new way of doing business

Entrepreneurship is constantly seeing possibilities, even when the current situation makes it impossible.

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Talent Strategy

Why active listening will help you understand how to engage and keep talent on board.

Ask an organisation what their main challenge is and within moments, the conversation is about finding and retaining talent. Especially talent with a technical background.

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Focus more with modern technologies

The Power of doing less to achieve more

Modern technology being used for practical purposes has opened our eyes to many things; it made us aware that something is different from the way that we thought it was. These modern technologies make it simultaneously easier and more difficult to become focused and productive.

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All on board!

All in it together to succeed under pressure.

The pressure on companies is increasing rapidly;
An innovation has not yet been introduced and the next one is already on it's way.

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Structural solutions to generate Engineering Capacity

Dutch Business Partners (DBP) is specialist in matchmaking, outsourcing, training and co-partnerships in the field of Engineering Services.

Thanks to our worldwide network and experiences we created over the last decennia. Based on your needs, we are able to support you with the structural outsourcing of your engineering activities.

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Breaking business blindness

Look at your organization through our glasses.

Having trouble creating support and motivation by making the necessary improvements? Organizations often don't get around to this with the excuse: "No Time!"

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